Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Glam RX Touch-up Palette - Review is in and i Love it!!

Another take on the larger magnetic palette i discovered a few months ago. I'm loving the new Glam Rx on the go touch-up palette This one has a top compartment sold separately on their website and it contains an anti-shine translucent powder, black eyeliner, luminizing concealer and lip tint plus a small magnetic case to store your eye-shadow pots on the bottom .


Also get 20% off through 4/1/13 with code IPSY at checkout. I am getting the case in this months' Ipsy box, i just really wish it came with the makeup case as well :(( i am going to buy it separately though, i LOVE love love the idea and i am going to get a lot of mileage out of this. I can't wait to get my Ipsy bag this month :)

Underneath all this check out a DIY project to do with your Glam Rx case and last months' Coastal Scents eye-shadow pans. Enjoy! :)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Perpetual Teenagers

It seems to me that the internet has enabled everybody to find companions to share the same interests, hobbies, world views, sexual fetishes, whatever, no matter how niche, you can now join the fanclub and get the t-shirt. That, along with not having to really ACT your age any longer, unless you really want to burden yourself with old people crap, like kids or jobs, kindof homogenozes the average internet user and how conversations with them will go.

For instance, sometimes i have trouble telling if I'm talking to a 30 y/o or a 16 y/o. The 30 y/o doesn't have to be married with 3 kids like a generation ago, doesn't have to become mature with all the soul crushing responsibility of supporting your whole family and being practically sold to your job because of that. Nowadays, its more like :
Husband playing x-box in his pajama pants at 5 PM, as the wife comes home from work:
'I totally agree with LikesBewbs69 dude!! I fuckin' HATE my mom dude!!'
'Honey, you're 35. He's 14...?'

This is what i think 99% of the guys in the US are like:
Music? I kinda like a bit of everything?
TV? Comedies, MTV, Jackass type shoes, anime, adult swim or other cartoon..
Dress style? Casual, slacks or cargo pants with some tee, usually some snarky, a cartoon or geeky, sneakers
Future job plans? Programmer or game designer/tester or some other techy subcat
Girlfriend? Generally yes, generally faithful to her, generally cute girls with ripped jeans, streaks in their hair, funky hip clothes, listens to Sublime or similar
Age? 15 all the way to late 50's

Friday, March 1, 2013

Why bother immigrating?

Let me start off by saying that i am an immigrant, because what I'm about to say is not PC at all. As a legal immigrant, i am completely against illegal immigration, having gone through the lengthy, expensive and at times humiliating process of coming to the states and becoming a resident. It's about the way men (still) treat their women - it goes beyond the cleaning, cooking, laundry, child care duties still being 100% a working woman's duties. It's about this pervasive disdain for the woman - she has to walk 3 steps behind, she has to have food ready, she has no say in any matter, she eats at a different table, after the men and the children, she has to be married off so she is a financial burden.

So I jut have to ask, because I see this so much, back at home and here as well: you guys left your country because it was so shitty, because "America is so much better" etc etc, and yet you are still doing things just as you did back in the old country, the very reason that made it so damn backwater. So yeah, why bother?? You are in the same mental space, same misery as back home, you feel that the American dream is a lie, when you should realize that change begins within you.

You want to experience the American dream? You are chasing it because you equate it with happiness - but since when is happiness a white picket fence and 2.5 children? I'm pretty sure happiness is freedom, truth, honesty, respect, not money and plasma TVs and a servant you get to have sex with anytime you wish. I mean even financially it makes sense - by allowing your wife to get a job, you are doubling your income. Isn't all that money worth getting off your ass and grabbing your own damn coffee guy?

Keep it real :)

Friday, December 28, 2012

Romantic ring I found today


Saturday, December 22, 2012

DIY Laptop Cover (Kindof, I just used stickers ;)

I wanted a cute, girly laptop case for my new HP Pavilion G7 but one day while out hopping I ran into a bunch of super cute stickers, the 3-D kind with flowers and butterflies. So immediately I knew I had to have them. I'm not sure how inventive this is, or how "DIY" really, but I love the look and it totally suits me. I just love looking at my laptop now :)

E-bay sale: success!

When i'm taking photos, this cat HAS to get in on the action, so she will always position herself on or behind or in front of whatever it is that i'm photographing. So I decided to give her her wish and include her in my next batch of things to sell on e-bay. It looks like she's smiling in this pic, isn't it?

Canon EOS Rebel T3 Digital SLR Camera With 18-55mm IS II Lens - REBEL T3 (Google Affiliate Ad)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Quote - "We're ***ed"

I just remembered a comedian's joke yesterday and I wanted to share - I don't remember who he was though. He said: "When I was a kid I thought the world was being run by the "adults", so everything was safe and the world was in control. These "adults" had things in check. But the other day when I was at the grocery store, the kid bagging my groceries said to me 'Thank you sir!'. That's when I thought to myself 'Oh my god, we're fucked'.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

How to Walk Your Cat on a Leash

First off, I know there are some cats out there that are ok with being waked on a leash, or maybe they were trained better. However I have yet to meet this elusive creature. What I get when I put my cats in a harness is a pet rock. However, today I made an accidental discovery and I'm as happy as can be. Just follow these easy steps to have your cats walking by your side. Step 1: Throw away your leash if you have one. Step 2: Take the harness and set it on fire. Step 3: Go to a pet store or any store that sells cat toys and buy any cat toy on a string, the longer the better ( a fishing pole style, or I have this toy with a long plastic stick and a long thick type of fabric with a tassel at the tip) Step 4: Bring the toy home and present it to your cat. Get her interested in it, move it around in front of her until she is all excited and running after it. Gently turn around, still flicking your wrist so that the toy is still jumping from side to side. Before you know it, Ta-Da!! your cats are following YOU, chasing you in fact, walking behind you wherever you go and even pick up the toy in their teeth and be even easier to steer because they don't want to give up their juicy prey. Step 5: Profit! You're welcome dear reader :)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Woman 'denied a termination' dies in hospital - The Irish Times - Wed, Nov 14, 2012

“The doctor told us the cervix was fully dilated, amniotic fluid was leaking and unfortunately the baby wouldn’t survive.” The doctor, he says, said it should be over in a few hours. There followed three days, he says, of the foetal heartbeat being checked several times a day.
via Woman 'denied a termination' dies in hospital - The Irish Times - Wed, Nov 14, 2012. http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/frontpage/2012/1114/1224326575203.html
KITTY HOLLAND and PAUL CULLEN, Health Correspondent
Two investigations are under way into the death of a woman who was 17 weeks pregnant, at University Hospital Galway last month.
Savita Halappanavar (31), a dentist, presented with back pain at the hospital on October 21st, was found to be miscarrying, and died of septicaemia a week later.
Her husband, Praveen Halappanavar (34), an engineer at Boston Scientific in Galway, says she asked several times over a three-day period that the pregnancy be terminated. He says that, having been told she was miscarrying, and after one day in severe pain, Ms Halappanavar asked for a medical termination.
This was refused, he says, because the foetal heartbeat was still present and they were told, “this is a Catholic country”.
She spent a further 2½ days “in agony” until the foetal heartbeat stopped.
Intensive care
The dead foetus was removed and Savita was taken to the high dependency unit and then the intensive care unit, where she died of septicaemia on the 28th.
An autopsy carried out by Dr Grace Callagy two days later found she died of septicaemia “documented ante-mortem” and E.coli ESBL.
A hospital spokesman confirmed the Health Service Executive had begun an investigation while the hospital had also instigated an internal investigation. He said the hospital extended its sympathy to the family and friends of Ms Halappanavar but could not discuss the details of any individual case.
Speaking from Belgaum in the Karnataka region of southwest India, Mr Halappanavar said an internal examination was performed when she first presented.
“The doctor told us the cervix was fully dilated, amniotic fluid was leaking and unfortunately the baby wouldn’t survive.” The doctor, he says, said it should be over in a few hours. There followed three days, he says, of the foetal heartbeat being checked several times a day.
“Savita was really in agony. She was very upset, but she accepted she was losing the baby. When the consultant came on the ward rounds on Monday morning Savita asked if they could not save the baby could they induce to end the pregnancy. The consultant said, ‘As long as there is a foetal heartbeat we can’t do anything’.
“Again on Tuesday morning, the ward rounds and the same discussion. The consultant said it was the law, that this is a Catholic country. Savita [a Hindu] said: ‘I am neither Irish nor Catholic’ but they said there was nothing they could do.
“That evening she developed shakes and shivering and she was vomiting. She went to use the toilet and she collapsed. There were big alarms and a doctor took bloods and started her on antibiotics.
“The next morning I said she was so sick and asked again that they just end it, but they said they couldn’t.”
Critically ill
At lunchtime the foetal heart had stopped and Ms Halappanavar was brought to theatre to have the womb contents removed. “When she came out she was talking okay but she was very sick. That’s the last time I spoke to her.”
At 11 pm he got a call from the hospital. “They said they were shifting her to intensive care. Her heart and pulse were low, her temperature was high. She was sedated and critical but stable. She stayed stable on Friday but by 7pm on Saturday they said her heart, kidneys and liver weren’t functioning. She was critically ill. That night, we lost her.”
Mr Halappanavar took his wife’s body home on Thursday, November 1st, where she was cremated and laid to rest on November 3rd.
The hospital spokesman said that in general sudden hospital deaths were reported to the coroner. In the case of maternal deaths, a risk review of the case was carried out.
External experts were involved in this review and the family consulted on the terms of reference. They were also interviewed by the review team and given a copy of the report.
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Friday, November 9, 2012

Election Infographic Shows Most Educated States Voted For Obama | Happy Place

BTW this is a repost:


Thursday, November 8, 2012

I want life after death for my pet

Today, for the first time in my life, i actually wished, I mean really wished, from the bottom of my heart that there was a God and a soul and a life after death. Just for my cat; that's all. Just so that she would continue to live more, so that all the wonderful things she is don't just die when she does. For this creature to just cease to exist - that would be an outrage, a real tragedy, a loss that just cannot be accepted. I imagined the light just going off inside of her and her just being completely, irrevocably GONE without a trace, never to be known to anybody again. And also, maybe I just wanted more time with her, because we never have enough time with our pets do we? And I don't mean just any pet - I mean that one pet that completely has your heart, the one mysterious creature that you would do anything to protect, even want to do better in life so that they can have a good life - that kind of pet. I don't have enough time with her and i know i never will - because I'll never be able to communicate with her the way i do with a human, i won't be able to tell her just how much I love her and I won't be able to talk her into being a lap cat. 
We do talk a lot though - I tell her "I love you" at least a few times a day and she mrrreews back; sometimes she mews at me in her tiny voice, staring at me, her azure blue eyes wide and focused, as if trying to communicate something of the utmost importance and then there is a flash of sadness as if she can tell she failed. She talks a lot this cat, many different ways but i never doubted that that was what she was doing - talking to me in her own way. 
So yeah, today i was hugging this soft, beautiful, amazing piece of heaven and i wished she wouldn't just get swollen by the dark. 

Stop cat euthanasia

Sometimes we get asked a simple question and then your answer turns into this avalanche of thought after thought after thought, jumping from an idea to another until you are talking about a completely different topic.
Take today for instance - a co-worker asked me how come I'm not mad at my cat when she destroys my furniture - I told her that ruined upholstery is just a natural part of taking a cat, or any pet for that matter, inside your home. You have a living piece of nature inside your house, a semi-wild animal, a feral born feline and expecting it to not follow its natural instincts is crazy and unreasonable. When you accepted an animal in your life you accepted all the consequences as well. You owe it to your pet to respect it and love it just like they love and accept you despite all your flaws.
But humans are not like that - they think they have the right to regulate what animals have the right to life and who to kill - just because they committed the crime of being born. They trap cats living in our cities and they kill them, as if those poor cats actually did anything to anybody. The way American cities are going, there won't be any more cats living here in a hundred years. Remember when you were a kid and you found a cute kitten on your way from school and begged your mom to let you keep her? Well, if things keep going this way, that won't happen anymore.
Just think of what cats do in our cities and towns - they eat our garbage, they kill our vermin and when approached by a human, they don't attack or growl or bite like dogs do - they run away. They are simply not threatening to us, not even a nuisance. And yet, just because they are seen as pets, or domesticated animals, we see the cats living in back alleys and fields as an abomination, something to be corrected, even though that's where most of us find our beloved pets to begin with, not from a kitten mill or your local Pet Smart. You wouldn't think to kill the birds in the sky, would you? Or all the fish in a sea? Or all the parrots that flew away from their owners' homes? Cats are also a part of nature, animals just like all others.
It breaks my heart to think of this, how these cats have no fault, they bother no one, they live on the fringes of our society, allow us an endless supply of loving pets when caught, yet they are being exterminated as if they were a danger to anyone. And don't even get me started on the kids who torture them, that's a whole 'nother group of people I would like to kill with my own hands.
I have gotten most of my pets this way, found them on the street, either abandoned or as kittens of a feral mother and I found the most amazing companions this way - in fact the one cat that I absolutely adore was hiding under my car as a skin-and-bones kitten. I took her in and she is the light of my life, beautiful, smart, playful, an amazing personality, quirky, spoiled, she makes me laugh every day and I consider myself so lucky to have her in my life. The luckiest pet owner in the world actually. All this happiness from a tiny white kitten hiding from dogs under my car, in a back alley in this town. I just hope that children in the next generations get to experience this for themselves as well; if not, our world will be much poorer indeed.

I want to smack this kid (I'll explain why)

Apparently this particular video isn't available anywhere on the web for me to post here but here is what's going on: there is this Walgreen's commercial featuring a little girl stirring some frosting in the kitchen with her grandma. The little girl serenely takes the spatula and gives it to this big dog sitting by her feet to lick since he's looking at her with huge, begging eyes. The dog licks it intently, then the spawn of Satan director has her slip the spatula back into the bowl just as her grandma turns around and coyly licks the same dirty spatula. The little girl watches, her elbows propped up on the counter, wide-eyed and innocent, not saying a thing as the narrator informs us of the benefits of having a flu vaccine from Walgreens, to the sound of happy fuzzy music.
Such a nice, peaceful image, such a warm atmosphere, such a cute shaggy dog, such happy music considering this little shit POSSIBLY JUST FUCKIN' KILLED HER GRANDMA AND HER WHOLE FAMILY!!!
Dogs are known for eating feces - their own, other animals' shit and they devour human shit like it's a grilled steak; it goes without saying that their mouths are especially nasty things. Not only that but they carry a host of diseases, worms and critters. I'll list some of them here, just a small portion of them, only an easy copy and paste job:  Rabies, distemper, Infectious hepatitis, herpesvirus, Brucellosis, Leptospirosis, Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Giardiasis, Babesiosis, trichinellosis plus a number of worms, fungi and streptococci. (see bottom of page for complete list*)
Now, not only are most of these diseases contagious, they spread to humans and some of them are deadly. Especially if you are slightly immunocompromised, like an older lady might be. So yeah, take this junk off the air, we don't need any more bad ideas put into our kids' heads. In fact I'm pretty sure some particularly brilliant specimens have already gotten this idea into their already vacuous skulls and put it into practice. So next time you wake up with an unexplained case of the friggin' rabies, look at little Keersten, Britanee or Ashleeigh and ask her if she shoved your silverware into the dogs' stinking, drooling, death-infested cesspool of a mouth. Then go sue Walgreens.
Suspension of disbelief aside, I just had a gut reaction to seeing this little girl's mannerisms and processing what had just happened; realizing that I was watching a nauseating display of pure evil under the guise of childhood innocence. Maybe that's why I was so negatively impacted by the commercial - the incongruence between what I was seeing and what was actually hiding behind it. I'd like to know who came up with this idea for a commercial and who supported it - are these people even in contact with the real world? Did they hear about germs or do they think the liberal media made them up?
Any kid doing this crap deserves a god damn smack over the head. I'm no supporter of corporal punishment myself, I grew up with a violent alcoholic dad, but this asshole kid deserves it, dammit and stop balking about it. America is so hypocritical - we prosecute 14 year old black kids as adults and we send people to the electric chair. But a white girl kills her grandma and it's all cute and sweet? Please.
Then again today I had a random thought along the lines of "It's almost like Walgreens wants to teach small kids bad values" and then I thought it would be funny if Walgreen's execs were way more evil than I gave them credit for - more sick people, more business all around, right? Teach kids to spread these diseases and step 3, Profit? Watch out for their next commercial, featuring cute kids stealing used needles from happy, friendly homeless people and "playfully" sticking their little sister with it. I'm joking of course but  I won't eat anything that's been around a kid for a while now :)
*Full list of dog-borne diseases: Rabies, parvovirus, coronavirus, distemper, influenza, Infectious hepatitis, herpesvirus, Pseudorabies, minute virus, Brucellosis, Leptospirosis, Lyme disease, Ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Kennel cough, Blastomycosis, Histoplasmosis, Coccidioidomycosis, Cryptococcosis, Ringworm, Sporotrichosis, Aspergillosis, Pythiosis, Mucormycosis, Giardiasis, Leishmaniasis, Babesiosis, Neosporosis, Protothecosis, Hookworms, Tapeworm, Roundworms, Flea, Ticks, Heartworm, Mites, Ear mites, Cheyletiellosis, Chiggers, Mange, trichinellosis, Demodex, Sarcoptes scabiei, Hookworms, Tapeworm, Roundworm and Heartworm.

Minimizing the appearance of dark under-eye circles and steps in my daily beauty routine

I have very dark under-eye circles, so I have to pay particular attention to that area or else I will look like a tired raccoon by the end of the day. So this is what I have to do in order to look somewhat fresh: I start with an anti-wrinkle serum or cream on the eye area, depending on how dry my face is feeling - I prefer Estee Lauder Perfectionist CP+1, Lancome Genifique, VMV Re-everything eye serum or Clinique - All about eyes.. I then follow with an all over face cream and, despite instructions to the contrary, I extend the cream a bit under the eye area, especially into the crow's feet - right now I'm using Lancome Absolue, Hope in a Jar by philosophy, Estee Lauder Resilience Lift, Olay Pro-X deep Wrinkle Treatment; sometimes I use Clinique Moisture Surge on my lips and lower face area that gets really dry.
Most days I'll skip the primer but when I'm getting really into my makeup I'll use it every time; I'm not an expert in primers, but to be honest I've used a broad spectrum of them in different price ranges - I liked the ELF primer just as much as the Smashbox Photo Finish and the Mally Perfect Prep Primer Glow. Of course the primer goes on top of the lids as well. I'll do my hair while the primer dries or while the creams get into my skin.
The secret to my make-up turning up really really nice is using a brightening, highlighting, shimmery product BOTH UNDER and OVER foundation. Due to the light reflecting formulas in these types of products they work a LOT better than concealers, no matter how much you cake them on - and they look and feel a lot lighter, especially with those wrinkles. Extremely dark circles aren't that easy to cover, so i discovered that a combination of brightener under the foundation and a light make-up around the whole eye area creates better results than a traditional concealer. The best coverage I've found in a concealer is from Physician's Formula Conceal RX - just make sure to use a lighter shade and apply very sparingly in the dark hollows under the eyes. The area around the eye and at the inner corners of the eye should be covered with BB cream or foundation, then a very light eye shadow shade, don't be afraid to go even a bit lighter.
Let's start with the products themselves: Dr. Brandt dark circles away collagen eye serum - I use it under foundation, but maybe just because I want that collagen closer to my skin and I don't shy away from applying around the whole eye area to remove shadows from the sides of the nose and on the lids, especially in the inner corner of the eye; and it works just as well over foundation.
ELF Shimmering Facial Whip - actually the only product I like to use as a highlighter on the tops of my cheekbones, I don't know why. Maybe it's the liquid formula - this stuff also covers dark circles, but only under foundation. It comes in several shades, many delicious pinks that can be used for many purposes.
Physician's Formula Talc-Free Illuminating Veil - the brush it comes with is too rough for my skin, so I just use my own powder brush - both all over my face and as a highlighter on top of my cheeks, around my eyes and on my cupid's bow.
Shimmery BB creams are the answer to something I had been doing for a while - combining a highlighter formula into my foundation in order to get lighter coverage with a subtle dewy glow. I just tried on the new L'Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream and it seems to be going in the right direction with the luminizing effect. I'm sure there are more products out there that do the same thing and received better customer reviews than the L'Oreal. Personally I liked it a lot. 
So here it is, my advice on creating a fresh, rested look even with extreme dark under eye circles. Hope this is helpful :)