Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Glam RX Touch-up Palette - Review is in and i Love it!!

Another take on the larger magnetic palette i discovered a few months ago. I'm loving the new Glam Rx on the go touch-up palette This one has a top compartment sold separately on their website and it contains an anti-shine translucent powder, black eyeliner, luminizing concealer and lip tint plus a small magnetic case to store your eye-shadow pots on the bottom .


Also get 20% off through 4/1/13 with code IPSY at checkout. I am getting the case in this months' Ipsy box, i just really wish it came with the makeup case as well :(( i am going to buy it separately though, i LOVE love love the idea and i am going to get a lot of mileage out of this. I can't wait to get my Ipsy bag this month :)

Underneath all this check out a DIY project to do with your Glam Rx case and last months' Coastal Scents eye-shadow pans. Enjoy! :)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Perpetual Teenagers

It seems to me that the internet has enabled everybody to find companions to share the same interests, hobbies, world views, sexual fetishes, whatever, no matter how niche, you can now join the fanclub and get the t-shirt. That, along with not having to really ACT your age any longer, unless you really want to burden yourself with old people crap, like kids or jobs, kindof homogenozes the average internet user and how conversations with them will go.

For instance, sometimes i have trouble telling if I'm talking to a 30 y/o or a 16 y/o. The 30 y/o doesn't have to be married with 3 kids like a generation ago, doesn't have to become mature with all the soul crushing responsibility of supporting your whole family and being practically sold to your job because of that. Nowadays, its more like :
Husband playing x-box in his pajama pants at 5 PM, as the wife comes home from work:
'I totally agree with LikesBewbs69 dude!! I fuckin' HATE my mom dude!!'
'Honey, you're 35. He's 14...?'

This is what i think 99% of the guys in the US are like:
Music? I kinda like a bit of everything?
TV? Comedies, MTV, Jackass type shoes, anime, adult swim or other cartoon..
Dress style? Casual, slacks or cargo pants with some tee, usually some snarky, a cartoon or geeky, sneakers
Future job plans? Programmer or game designer/tester or some other techy subcat
Girlfriend? Generally yes, generally faithful to her, generally cute girls with ripped jeans, streaks in their hair, funky hip clothes, listens to Sublime or similar
Age? 15 all the way to late 50's

Friday, March 1, 2013

Why bother immigrating?

Let me start off by saying that i am an immigrant, because what I'm about to say is not PC at all. As a legal immigrant, i am completely against illegal immigration, having gone through the lengthy, expensive and at times humiliating process of coming to the states and becoming a resident. It's about the way men (still) treat their women - it goes beyond the cleaning, cooking, laundry, child care duties still being 100% a working woman's duties. It's about this pervasive disdain for the woman - she has to walk 3 steps behind, she has to have food ready, she has no say in any matter, she eats at a different table, after the men and the children, she has to be married off so she is a financial burden.

So I jut have to ask, because I see this so much, back at home and here as well: you guys left your country because it was so shitty, because "America is so much better" etc etc, and yet you are still doing things just as you did back in the old country, the very reason that made it so damn backwater. So yeah, why bother?? You are in the same mental space, same misery as back home, you feel that the American dream is a lie, when you should realize that change begins within you.

You want to experience the American dream? You are chasing it because you equate it with happiness - but since when is happiness a white picket fence and 2.5 children? I'm pretty sure happiness is freedom, truth, honesty, respect, not money and plasma TVs and a servant you get to have sex with anytime you wish. I mean even financially it makes sense - by allowing your wife to get a job, you are doubling your income. Isn't all that money worth getting off your ass and grabbing your own damn coffee guy?

Keep it real :)