Saturday, December 1, 2012

How to Walk Your Cat on a Leash

First off, I know there are some cats out there that are ok with being waked on a leash, or maybe they were trained better. However I have yet to meet this elusive creature. What I get when I put my cats in a harness is a pet rock. However, today I made an accidental discovery and I'm as happy as can be. Just follow these easy steps to have your cats walking by your side. Step 1: Throw away your leash if you have one. Step 2: Take the harness and set it on fire. Step 3: Go to a pet store or any store that sells cat toys and buy any cat toy on a string, the longer the better ( a fishing pole style, or I have this toy with a long plastic stick and a long thick type of fabric with a tassel at the tip) Step 4: Bring the toy home and present it to your cat. Get her interested in it, move it around in front of her until she is all excited and running after it. Gently turn around, still flicking your wrist so that the toy is still jumping from side to side. Before you know it, Ta-Da!! your cats are following YOU, chasing you in fact, walking behind you wherever you go and even pick up the toy in their teeth and be even easier to steer because they don't want to give up their juicy prey. Step 5: Profit! You're welcome dear reader :)

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